The Division 3 Hockey Team at Indiana University Welcome 11 Rookies

The D3 Hockey Team at Indiana University recently finalized a 26-man roster that includes 11 new players joining the team. The rookies are undoubtedly an addition to even more talent and personality to the team. Most of them come from talented teams that went to state championships several times. Each of them have high hopes for the season and are excited to extend their hockey careers.

When asked why they decided to join the team, each of them (expectedly) answered that they wanted to continue playing hockey. However, Logan Nein quoted Ralph Cox from Miracle by joking, “Isn’t it obvious? For the girls.” Joey Bolger claims that the wonderfully designed candy-striped jerseys also aided him in his decision to join the team (how could you blame him?). Drew Yeley wants to keep his hockey career going for as long as he can—he’s already at 16 years and counting. Kody Wagner claims he joined because, of course, someone just had to say it: “Hockey is life and Saturday’s are for the boys.” Glad to see this team is getting more of a personality than it already has.

As previously mentioned, some of these players come from notable, accomplished teams. Yeley’s high school team in Columbus, IN went to the state finals three out of his four years there. Wagner became a significant contribution to the Columbus Icemen’s success when he joined the team as a junior. Similarly, Sam Markwood and his AAA U18 Chicago Fury team won a state championship and made a run to nationals. Also, Nein played in two state championships at the United Center, the home of the Chicago Blackhawks, where he won his senior year.

We also asked the players some entertaining questions, such as “Do you think you’d find love on the bachelor?” Most of them modestly said no. Bolger said no, but only because he’s already in love… with his team #FTB (yes he included the hashtag himself). The players were also asked: “If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?” Wagner and Dan Blessing said a dog because girls love dogs (true) and so they could sleep all the time with no responsibilities. Markwood said gecko because he’s a big fan of geckos. Yeley and Sam Rascia said an eagle or bird because it would be cool to fly. And last, but certainly not least, Bolger said Harambe.

Lastly, we questioned the new players to identify specific pregame rituals. Wagner likes to sing out loud, which I’m sure the team cannot wait for. Yeley says after he retapes his hockey sticks, he won’t let anyone touch them or let the blade touch the ground. Nein tapes his stick sitting down, and he waxes it standing up. Rascia eats pasta exactly three and a half hours before the game. Markwood said he listens to Taste of Your Kiss by fellow teammate Christian French exactly 27 times because that’s his number and it gets him amped up for games. And Bolger—he wouldn’t tell me because he said I’d throw up if he did. Lovely.

Here are your newest D3 Hockey at Indiana University Players! Check them and the rest of the team in the Red vs. White game in Columbus on the 18th!

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