Division 3 Hockey at Indiana University to Honor HOF Coach Rich Holdeman Before Game Friday Night

Friday night's home finale vs. Michigan will be Senior Night for the Hoosiers, where the 2015 senior class will be honored before the game.

Along with the seniors the Hoosiers will be recgonizing a special guest, former head coach Rich Holdeman.

Holdeman served as the head coach of the Division 3 Hockey Team at Indiana University from 1992-2006, and posted a staggering 251-116-19 record in his career. Holdeman also led the Hoosiers to the national tournament 12 times, as well as 3 national runner-ups.

Along the way he picked up a few accolades, being named the 2002 National Coach of the Year, and the 2005 Southeast Region Coach of the Year.

Then in 2013, Holdeman picked up his biggest accolade, one he thought was a mistake.

Holdeman checked his email to see he had recieved a message from the ACHA, which he found strange since he'd been out of coaching for 7 years.

"I thought there was a mistake," said Holdeman, "When they told me they were inducting me into the Hall of Fame, I was surprised to say the least. It really is a fantastic honor."

Holdeman became just the 5th non-player inducted into the ACHA Hall of Fame, as well as the 12th member overall.

In his 13 years, Holdeman says most of his best times came on the road with the team.

"We were a true band of brothers and had some hilarious times on the road."

One of the many players who were apart of that band of brothers was current Hoosier head coach Rich Gordon.

Gordon had nothing but praise for his former coach.

"He has great knowledge of the game, great experience as a player and coach and he's able to communicate that very well." Gordon said, "In addition, he was very direct and totally honest which is what you want as a player. Ultimately I think a big piece of it was the respect that everyone had for him."

As for being elected to the Hall of Fame, Gordon said it was something Holdeman deserved.

"It was great to see him recgonized and get the credit he deserves for not only his longevity with the program, but the job he did building the program into a consistent winner."

Although Holdeman achieved many accomplishments in his career, the only one that slipped away was the fabled national championship.

During his 13 years the Hoosiers finished 2nd in the country three times in 1995, 1998, and 2000. They also picked up a 2nd place finish in 2008, after Holdeman's tenure.

Holdeman has great memories of a lot of these big games, and hopes to see the school get back to that same national prominence.

"We never won one, but we finished second four times and were in the final four a fifth. It seemed like every year we were in the conversation regarding the national title. It would be great to see the program grow into a steady contender again." Holdeman said.

As for his latest accomplishment being recgonized by the IU program, Holdeman is honored.

"It is a great honor to be recgonized by the Division 3 Hockey Team at Indiana Univesity. I put 13 years into the program, and I still bleed cream and crimson."

The Hoosiers are excited to present coach Holdeman with a banner that will hang from the rafters of Frank Southern Ice Arena for years to come, and are proud of all of coach Holdeman's accomplishments.

From the Hoosiers, thank you coach Rich!

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